Day 1 Agenda: Fri Oct 16th

Blockchain Capital
Dune AnalyticsTellorZerion
DeFi Alliance

DeFi Trends Overview - What Happened In DeFi This Summer
Workshop: How to Dissect Defi Data w/ DuneThe Pros and Cons of Liquidity TargetingDesigning & Building The Ultimate DeFi Aggregator
What DeFi Projects Don't Understand About Market Making (But Should)?
Legal Learnings From The 2017 ICO Boom (That DeFi Yield Farmers 
Should Be Aware Of)?

Crypto Assets Anchored in BitcoinBridges between BlockchainsFireside Chat: Chainlink + BlockstackThings Web3 Can Learn From DeFiFair Launches
Fireside Chat: How Financial Markets Collapsed In 2008 Due To Overleverage
Open & Programmable Finance w/ Avalanche
DeFi Growth and the Road Ahead

User Protection On the DeFi web

BlockstackAlgorandChainlinkArweaveConsenSysValkyrie Fund & Digital Gama

New Internet Labs


with Blockstack

Amber GroupSpartan Groupbzx

Why The Korean Crypto Market Is Ripe To Expand Further Into The DeFi Sector
Compliant Path To Onboarding Regulated Market Makers: CeFi - DeFi Bridges 
Capturing On-Chain Liquidation and Arbitrage Opportunity Fireside Chat On Value Accrual On DeFi TokensCurrent & Future Directions in Liquidity Mining for Lending and Exchange AMMs

Day 2 Agenda: Sat Oct 17th


KyberCentrifuge1inch ExchangeDeFi Rate

HummingbotMyCrypto & CoinsharesBalancer Labs
Dragonfly Capital

Tendermint MakerDaodydxStanford Journal of Blockchain Law & PolicyAmpleforth
ETH Enterprise AllianceDXM CoinGecko

Open Source HFT: Hummingbot's Plan To Democratize Quant Trading With Open Source CodeSneak Peak at Aave V2
Deep Dive On YFI & YamEnabling DeFi Mass Adoption Through PrivacyExploring Pre-Built, Reusable Governance Components
Yield Farming 2.0: How Mitigating AMM Risk Makes Liquidity Mining 
More Sustainable
Exploring Passive vs. Active Market Making on-Chain: Pros vs ConsFarming invoices: Leading DeFi from Degen to Regen The Advantages of Layer 1 Dexes over Layer 2DeFi Governance Models: Exploring Best Practices
dydx: Scaling Liquidity & Decentralized Trading on Layer 2

[Workshop] How To Earn Liquidity Mining Rewards With HummingbotFireside Chat w/ Taylor & Meltem on Risk
Building on BalancerThe Past, Present, and Future of Liquidity Mining
Interchain DeFi in Cosmos
The DAI Must Flow: Ensuring MakerDAO Auction Liquidity

Exploring Approaches To  Building Liquidity On DEXesTrust in Space: Exploring New Frontiers For The Exchange Of Assets & ValueCryptoEconomics: Exploring Monetary Lens For How To Think About Cryptocurrencies 
The Future of Payment & Central Bank Digital CurrencySnapshot of Korean Crypto Scene: DeFi laggard? What to expect?Ingesting Data: Thinking Through The Design Of A Data-Driven Product like CoinGecko

Day 3 Agenda: Sun Oct 18th

StarkWareGraph ProtocolCosmosVega
LemniscapDonutCollider Ventures
ConsenSysBlockNativeB Protocol Messari

IDEO VenturesIDEXQuantstamp

OpynDxDaoConsenSysPrysmatic Labs

StarkWare: L2 Scaling - Interoperability With Shared StateGas-Efficient Mechanism DesignStarport: Start Building DeFi In Minutes
How To Create & Launch A BTC/USD Futures Market on Vega
Cryptoassets in DeFi derivatives - The Option Use CaseBridging the gap from traditional finance to DeFiThe Evolution of Token Raises: Pain Points & Learnings From 2017 ICOs to 2020 "Fair" LaunchesAutomated Testing of Smart Contract Systems
Mempool 101 for Yield Farmers and Liquidity Miners

Stabilizing DeFi Lending Platforms by Shifting MEV To Users Comparing Risks During The 2017 ICO Boom vs Risks Today Via DeFi Liquidity Mining Intro to Mempool Primitives: How This New Class of Money Legos Enables New Experiences & StrategiesFork Defense Strategies in DeFiLiquidity Wars: Order Book vs AMMQuantstamp: $26M in Losses So Far, But The Future is STILL DeFi
Quant PanelHow to Use bloXroute's DeFi Kit to Trade Faster on UniswapFuture Developments In On-Chain Options
Reputation-Based, Token-Weighed Governance 

Oracles from the Ground Truth to Market ManipulationPrysmatic ETH 2.0 Workshop
The Convergence of ETH Staking and DeFi

Day 4 Agenda: Mon Oct 19th

Tari / Monero NymStarkWareNymSecret NetworkIron FishQedit 
AztecMina / 0(1) Labs
Iron FishTwilight AnjunaSikkaStanford Applied Cryptography GroupZcashZcashMina / 0(1) Labs
Oasis LabsZcoinHashcloak 

On Privacy Enhancing Currencies & Supply AuditabilityWhy We Need Network-Level Privacy: P2P, Tor, and MixnetsZK-STARK Based Post-Quantum-Secure SignaturesHolistic Privacy: Why Zero-Knowledge Proofs Are Not EnoughA Deep Dive Into Smart Contract Privacy In Public BlockchainsIntro to Zero Knowledge ProofsTowards Industry Adoption of ZKP - How Do We Build Trust On The Technology?Plonk in Dystopian TimesSnark-Powered Use Cases & Applications: Bringing Verifiable Computation To CryptocurrencyHow To Develop ZKP Apps Completely In The Browserzk-Matchbook: Matching A Private Liquidity Pool For Perpetual FuturesSecure Enclaves For Blockchain ApplicationsInterfacing Shielded Pools With Stateful ApplicationsDARKER: Efficiency Gains For Supersonic Prover Time
Satoshi Needs More Than a Mask: the State of Privacy on the BlockchainHalo 2 and SNARKs without Trusted SetupsA Forward-Secure Signature — Efficient In Zero Knowledge Proofs, Compatible w/ Cold StorageAdvancements in Zero Knowledge Proofs and CryptoDataSimple, Trustless & Scalable Privacy with One-out-of-Many Proofs
Challenges Around Access Privacy in DeFi

zkp & Privacy Summit

Day 5 Agenda: Tues Oct 20th

Electric CapitalRollHQGitcoinOKcoinStellarRic BurtonStellardHedge
Melon Protocol0x
Matter LabsPanteraAnchorage Set Protocol Zapper
MyEtherWallet (MEW)Prysmatic LabsEthereum

Guarded Launches
Money Legos For Communities: Social money & Web 2 Bridges 

Using DeFi To Support Public Goods Bridging The CeFi & DeFi GapMaking Money the Traditional Way: Cefi business modelsDesigning Interfaces for Managing LiquidityOn-Demand Liquidity with Kelp trading bot on CEXs and Stellar’s DEX
Under The Hood of dHedge: Learnings From Designing A 

Trading Competition (On Testnet)Melon v2 - Lessons from TetrisGrowing DeFi with the help of professional market makers
zkSync: Scaling Defi with the Magic of ZK RollupThe new Chief Decentralization OfficerCrypto Accounting Systems: How To Manage Your Books CorrectlyIntro to Crypto ETFsWorkshop: How To Scale A DeFi Product During A Boom
MEW: Surviving Centralized App Stores Delistings: Exploring How Mobile Crypto Wallets & DApps Are Innovating To Build A Better Web3ETH 2.0: Overview with Prysmatic LabsWorkshop: Scaffold-ETH Smart Contract Sandbox

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